Start Feeling Better Today.

Are you tired of feeling anxious and always in fast-forward mentally and physically? Rapid heartbeat, sweating, lack of concentration, feeling trapped, feel you can’t breathe and panicked? Do you feel a sense of detachment between you and the world?

You Don’t Have To Continue On This Path; Especially Alone.

We understand and can help you break through your anxiety with interactive counseling that is highly effective.

Our approach to therapy is:
  • goal-oriented & solution-focused
  • simplistic & practical
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy based
  • insight-oriented when necessary
  • always educational
In our office, we have worked to create:
  • a relaxed atmosphere for easy conversation
  • a safe, warm and caring environment to express yourself without being judged.

Our starting point is an honest assessment of your condition.

Rediscover Hope.

While it’s important to know where you came from, our focus will be on where you are going. You will learn the limitations you’ve placed on yourself and any unrealistic expectations and goals you’ve set that cause undue anxiety or stress.

We will help you:
  • RESET how you view your problems
  • REVIEW options you missed
  • LEARN how not to feel alone, even when you are
  • Ultimately REDISCOVER a healthy normal
Moving forward we will work and journey together to simplify your life so it becomes easier to manage and more enjoyable to live; it really is possible!

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