Grief & Loss Counseling

Moving Beyond Loss.

Grief is individual. It hits people in different ways at different times and sometimes without warning. We are rarely given the time or tools we need to cope with the sadness we experience when we lose someone we love or face a major life change that ends a period in our life we enjoyed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by grief it is probably because you don’t fully understand its purpose thus leaving you feeling less able to cope with daily obligations, and the emotions and thoughts that accompany grief.

Grief counseling can help you:
  • Make sense of your emotions & thoughts
  • Adjust to your loss
  • Gain greater insight to yourself
In our office, we have worked to create:
  • a relaxed atmosphere for easy conversation
  • a safe, warm and caring environment to express yourself without being judged.

We would love to work with you.

Breakthrough Counseling would love to work with you to realize that you can get through it in one piece.

We Will:
  • Work with you as a collaborative & goal-oriented counselor
  • Listen with patience and empathy
  • Educate you on the purpose & process of grief
  • Walk with you through the pain to embrace the essence of whom or what you have lost in a new way

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