Self-Esteem Counseling

How do you view your own self-worth?

Self-esteem is how we view our own self-worth and if we don’t think much of ourselves it makes life harder to manage and enjoy because if you devalue something you find it not worthy of attention.  You are worthy!!  Low self-esteem is shaped by what you think you see or feel in life’s situations that leave you to feel undeserving to experience the good in yourself and life.

Low Self-Esteem can keep you from:
  • Experiencing your personal best
  • Loving others as well as yourself
  • Unmotivated and fearful to take healthy opportunities
  • Having healthy relationships
  • Experiencing joy, happiness and good times

Ultimately how you feel about yourself will be the compass that directs your life. At Breakthrough Counseling, we can help you reevaluate how you feel and think about yourself to rebuild a foundation of you that you can love and appreciate. We know that each person is unique and it is our desire for you to see yourself as someone special and to build upon that reality.

In our office, we have worked to create:
  • a relaxed atmosphere for easy conversation
  • a safe, warm and caring environment to express yourself without being judged.

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